Get Connected : A Guide For Authentic Brotherhood

Too few of us make time to gather with our Christian brothers. We’re busy. We’re guarded. But, the thing is, if we don’t make time, we miss one of the great blessings God has for his sons—the laughter, the healing, His presence. We need it all. We need each other. Start this plan today; be guided into authentic brotherhood; and join hundreds of thousands of men reading WiRE.

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Game Plan Book - Brett Murray

Game Plan By Brett Murray

For a tree to grow tall and vast the roots must run deep and broad, such does Game Plan.

The Spirit and words that come from Brett are both vast and deep, there is more than ink on these pages, there are also tears.

Every word carefully chosen to speak life into men so to birth hope and freedom.

We all often wonder who we are and what is the Heavens breathed calling on our lives, it is simply to be Christlike, LIKE CHRIST this is where we find our identity and providence calling.

I believe, men, God will speak to your through the ink on these pages, they will come alive as God breathes over them and speaks life into Dreams, Identity, Legacy and power you have been given.

Game Plan is a God Vision, God breathed dead bones come alive kind of book, I know that it is not just a book, but a heart and soul expressed on paper as I know Brett's heart for men comes from a brokenness and strength that is a beautiful thing when in the hands of our creator, our life giver our redeemer and our God.

I pray you are watered by GAME PLAN, my heart is that your roots run deep as you prosper and grow in relationship with a trustworthy Father, a Father of your Destiny, the Father who loves you and will NEVER EVER fail you.

Oceans of love

Terissa Murray


Brett Murray's book Game Plan

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