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About Brett Murray

Brett Murray has spent his life encouraging men. For many years that was in the form of running 'Bootcamp' style programs with troubled young men, many of whom were referred to Brett by the Police. Brett initiated the 'Bully Bootcamp' and was the focus of national TV back in the early 2000's, and even before that he would be the one driving his local church Men's gatherings, always encouraging outdoor adventures and physical activities. 
The physical activities come from Brett's passion for all things sports, being a state representative or State Champion in 5 different sports - Swimming, surfing, surf life saving, Rugby League and Boxing. Brett is still a passionate surfer who has also written, Directed and Produced two evangelistic surf movies, Firestorm 1 & 2.
When the 2003 Macquarie Fields Riots happened, the Police once again approached Brett to apply his proven life-changing ethos of 'absolutely outrageous encouragement' and 'unconditional belief' to run a Bootcamp for the young men involved in the Riots who had been arrested. This was their last chance at redemption. The program and follow up mentoring was covered by National Tv on Channel 9. The 10 young men who participated became local ambassadors for community policing and together with the local area command helped reduce all incidences of crime by over 300%, gaining the attention of the NSW Parliament.
Later in 2003, Brett was engaged with Punchbowl Boys High after a national News article exposed the schools as the worst in Australia for violence incidents.
Brett took 10 of the young men across the Kokoda track in New Guinea, to give the boys a fresh perspective of the sacrifices that have been made so that they have the freedoms they now enjoy.  Channel  7's Today Tonight travelled with brett and His team and covered an arduous journey. The boys came back to their school and their community and helped transform the school reducing violent incidents by over 70% in the next 12 months. The school remained one of the safest schools in Australia for the next 10 years.
Brett has been at the forefront of encouraging young men to be their best. In 2006 he hosted his own TV show on the 9 Network where he again took 8 young men from varying backgrounds through the toughest challenge that they had ever faced taking the men through the Kimberley searching for paradise in the desert.  This was a quest to learn about character and leadership called 'Camp-DARE'.
in 2016, Brett had become the only anti-bully triathlete in the world. He competed in the Challenge Wanaka where a National TV Broadcaster made a documentary on his anti-bullying work that was highlighted by his determination competing in gruelling ironman Triathlons just to educate people on how to stop bullying. This was sponsored by the Franchise Coffee Club of New Zealand.
Brett has been one of the world's foremost experts on bullying education and prevention. This work has uncovered the truth that fathers are vital in the development and character formation and indeed social engagement of young people both boys and girls. This is highlighted in innumerable studies and also cemented in Warren Farrell's book - The Boy Crisis.
Further research showed that Domestic Family Violence is also an area where there was a massive lack of positive male role models. Following all of this research, Brett wrote several books that shared his knowledge and expertise. His books include 'I DARE Ya!' and the revised edition of the same title, "Give Yourself Permission to Fly!', 'Make Bullying History', and his latest book ' Your Game Plan'. 
Brett has personally spoken and encouraged over 1 million people face to face on the public stage and countless others through media. Through SAFEHEART Foundation, the Charity that Brett and his wife Terrisa run, he established the male focussed Blood Brothers initiative with the sole purpose of encouraging men. They meet monthly for Bacon Eggs and Bible, and host The Resistance annual Men's retreat.
Brett has a heart for men and the outdoors, always has. He's launched a new business that is capturing the attention of men through the passion of motorcycling. The Business is Murray Brawler Custom motorcycles. Through the motorcycle scene Brett is connecting with men through their passion for bikes and adventure.
Men are in need of leaders and fathers, Generals who will take the lead and blaze a trail for others to follow. Brett Murray is simply living out the mandate that he believes God put on his life, build my church, build my men, bring my sons home! In doing so, he is blazing a trail and we invite you to come along for the ride, we promise it won't be boring!!